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Parent Guide

Citrus Fusion Volleyball Club, Inc., exists to:


*Provide opportunities for educating and improving the volleyball abilities of girls or boys of all ages, seeking to promote the principles of teamwork, individual responsibility and good sportsmanship by participation in competitive volleyball activities.  


*One of the primary goals of Citrus Fusion Volleyball Club, Inc. is to teach to and develop the individual skill level of every player creating opportunity for an advanced team environment with a high level of competitive play, ultimately providing opportunity for our athletes to gain collegiate scholarships and upper level recruitment opportunities.

Citrus Fusion Volleyball Commitments of a Junior Program Player:

You have been selected to play on one of the Citrus Fusion teams. We want to make you aware of the responsibilities that come with this honor, and also to let you know what Citrus Fusion will provide in return. We know that your commitment to your junior team will expose you to quality volleyball experiences, provide you with a valuable educational opportunities, and allow you to develop lifelong friendships.


A. The first payment for team tuition is required from each player selected to play on a Citrus Fusion Team. This amount is due, in full, at the Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting. All Paperwork must be turned in as well. The player will not be considered a member of the team, and will not be allowed to have their uniform ordered or participate in practice, until this initial payment is made.


B. All items listed in the budget will be covered by your fees, including:

1. Coaches Registration in both USA and AAU & Background checks

2. Facility cost, Insurance; General Liability

3. Equipment: Balls, ball cart, equipment and nets, first aid supplies

4. Gym time for practice

5. Coaching

6. Lodging for Coaches

7. Uniforms

8. Recruiting information & assistance for colleges

9. Administration fees

10. Web site – exposure

11. Tournament entry fees

C. Extra Expenses

1.  Knee pads, shoes, supportive braces, etc.

2. Travel expenses to Tournaments – Hotels, meals, etc.


Citrus Fusion: “Success Begins with a Positive Attitude”

Citrus Fusion has established a volleyball program in which everyone can be proud to be a part.  We consider ourselves as one big family that fosters a culture of positvity, unity, integrity, and loyalty. To continue this tradition, a positive commitment from coaches, players and parents is required.  Our coaching staff must be committed to have requisite knowledge to teach the fundamentals of the game and the ability to motivate our players to their maximum level of performance. They must have patience, and above all, the ability to communicate with positive reinforcement and to assist each player in any way possible to achieve the goals established by such players.  Our players must be committed to the program as established by the coaching staff, to practice and play with competitive attitudes, and to maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Finally, our parents must be committed to the program as established by the coaching staff and should maintain a positive attitude toward the program at all times. Parents must eliminate their own ego from the process and see the game without parental eyes. Parents should become knowledgeable of the game to understand how it is played and appreciate the efforts of ALL the players. It is extremely important to the maintenance of our program and the accomplishment of our goals that coaches, players, and parents maintain a positive attitude. So much can be accomplished if we believe in and are committed to the same system.

In general there are three standard sentiments most echoed by parents, which serve to limit the overall success of the team and the club. They are as follows:


My daughter is on the wrong team– This generally means that the player is not on what is considered to be the number one team. (Very rarely does anyone ask to move lateral or down). Methods used to assign players to teams are based on an evaluation conducted in a professional manner based upon the consensus of three to six eminently qualified individuals. Time has shown that team assignments are made fairly with few mistakes. Players have been and will be moved if the

authorized individuals feel that it is in the player’s best interest to do so, and often times with factors taken into consideration that others may not be aware of.  If you feel the need to discuss a particular situation please contact Wanda Grey, Citrus Fusion Director, to make an appointment to do so in private.


My daughter is not playing the right position– Often times a player is the shining star on a high school or middle school team at a particular position and is not allowed to play that position at Citrus Fusion. There are several reasons for this.  First, we all have to remember that the competition within Citrus Fusion is different than on school teams. Therefore, the competition can be more intense. Second, the coach may have a particular need at a certain position and the player is the only one with the requisite skills to fill that need. In any event, talk to the coach first about any concern you might have and then support the coach’s decision.  Do not under any circumstance approach a coach at a tournament. There should be a meeting time set up for discussing a matter such as this. There is a 24-hour rule at Citrus Fusion for parents talking to coaches about a problem with his/her daughter’s playing time/team, etc.


My daughter is not playing enough– This can be a common question or complaint. When playing at Citrus Fusion,  players will not always play the same amount of time. We cannot provide a guarantee of playing time.  Citrus Fusion does provide a guarantee of the right to practice with players of equal or better ability, and through hard work, improve skill levels and compete for the opportunity to play. Playing time is earned, not awarded. Negative comments directed to other parents, coaches and players concerning offensive schemes, defensive schemes, players’ positions, who is playing, etc. or provide excuses to our players for poor performance have no place in our program. Help maintain an excellent program by supporting coaches and players with a positive attitude. 


Citrus Fusion Rules and Policies

We expect that our athletes act in a courteous manner throughout the season and as they travel. Athletes disobeying either club, AAU or USAV rules, or acting in a way not deemed appropriate by the staff, may be disciplined or expelled.  Every member of Citrus Fusion will be offered training through practices. Playing time is based on practice and event performance of the athlete as viewed by the team coach and Citrus Fusion coaching staff.


Transportation to all practices is the responsibility of the players and their parents. Transportation to

competitions is the responsibility of the players and their parents. Hotels are also the responsibilities of the parents.  Some USAV tournaments require stay-and-play hotel bookings.

Teams will generally arrive at the playing site at least 1 hour prior to their first match or scheduled work team assignment.   All athletes are expected to attend every tournament. If an athlete cannot be at a tournament, she must inform the coach as soon as she knows she will be absent so that the coach can make appropriate changes to practices or lineups. It is the athlete’s (not the parent’s) responsibility to make arrangements with the coach. Athletes may not leave a tournament site until excused from the coach.


To ensure fairness in distributing officiating duties, every player will attend a referee/scorer clinic. In addition, players may leave a tournament only after all refereeing duties have been taken care of and permission has been obtained from their team coach. Players not reporting for their team refereeing assignment will be benched in their next match.



When the teams travel, all athletes will lodge in their respective team’s hotels when possible, especially when needed to meet USAV stay-and-play requirements . Players are encouraged to wear their Citrus Fusion sweatshirts, jackets, or t-shirts while traveling. We encourage parents to travel with the team to different events. Parents are responsible for making their own hotel reservations and travel accommodations.



Always be on “Lombardi Time” for practice (at least 15 minutes early). We have limited gym space and to avoid another team’s practice starting late or your practice running short, every athlete must be dressed and ready to go at the practice time listed. If an athlete is late arriving to a practice, report to her coach and explain why she is late. Her coach, in his/her sole discretion, will determine if any corrective action needs to be taken. An injured athlete who attends school is expected to be at Citrus Fusion practice, even if she cannot physically participate in practice. This is to offer support to her team as well as assist the coach if needed. Transportation to practice is your responsibility. Parents are expected to pick up from practice on time so that coaches are not made to wait. Practices are for you, the athlete, to improve skills. You get out of it what you put into it…always give 110% of the energy you have at that moment in practice. You play how you practice!

Citrus Fusion Parent Rules and Policies:

 Just as we expect certain actions of our players, we also ask the same courteousness and politeness from our players’ parents. Parents should refrain from any unsportsmanlike conduct that could embarrass the club or penalize a team. Parents disobeying club, AAU or USAV rules, or acting in a way not deemed appropriate by the staff, might be expelled from Citrus Fusion by the staff. Parents will not be permitted to discuss the coaching philosophies with the coaches at a tournament. We, at Citrus Fusion, ask that if a parent is upset about something with a team, he/she will abide by the “24 Hour Rule” and wait 24 hours before discussing, texting, or emailing about the matter with the coach. If further problems arise, please contact Wanda Grey, Club Director so she can schedule a meeting with the Coach, Directors and parents all together. 


Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete’s coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season. Most often, the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time. Citrus Fusion has always tried to encourage the athlete to talk to the coach when she has concerns about her playing time. If the athlete is unsure or unclear about what the coach expects from her, either in practice or in competition, the appropriate attitude is for the athlete to ask the coach what she needs to do to get more opportunities to play in matches.  Citrus Fusion does acknowledge that this is a developmental and sometimes uncomfortable situation that players may feel uneasy about, especially if adults or other coaches have let them down in the past. Please encourage your players to take ownership in this process, & Citrus Fusion will do their part in handling such discussions with sensitivity and care. When parents have a problem that is specific to their own athlete, we also encourage them to talk first to the coach. Coaches WILL NOT discuss “coaching decisions.” specific to match decisions (who played when, who was subbed in/out and when, etc.). Playtime is a very complex determination. It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs at the moment, the momentum of the game, and the team’s needs for the future. The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to request that. In addition, Citrus Fusion instructs coaches not to discuss any athlete other than the parent’s own or the actions of any other Citrus Fusion coach. If you, as a parent, have legitimate concerns about a coach other than your athlete’s coach, or with an athlete other than your own, you need to address them with Wanda Grey, Club Director. Please note again that coaching decisions are not in our opinion legitimate concerns.



1. The athlete should first speak to the coach about the matter. If the matter remains unresolved, or

the athlete has a reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve the matter, then move on to step 2.

2. The parents & the player should speak or meet with the coach. Parents and/or athlete should contact coach on the phone to set up a meeting time (not during a tournament):

• A parent should never approach a coach at a tournament. We have instructed the coach to refuse to discuss any controversial matter and to refer the parent to the Director(s). The coach will then walk away.

• The recommended time for a parent to schedule a meeting is usually before or immediately after a scheduled practice. If the matter still remains unresolved or if the parent has a reasonable concern that speaking with the coach will not resolve the matter, then go to step 3.

3. The parent may speak to the Club Director and request a meeting with the coach and Director together.

• In certain situations, Citrus Fusion may request the athlete to also attend.

• Meetings should be previously arranged. This will not take place at a tournament site.

• The Directors will not engage in discussions about coaching decisions.

4. If the parent or athlete is not satisfied by the action of the Club Director, they may request in writing for the Board of Directors to review this matter.


Refunds & Disputes

Once you commit to the club and money is expended on behalf of your child, tuition refunds will only be considered for medical reasons on a case by case basis, with a deduction for used practice time, uniform, and any other incurred expenses. Also, club director approval is required for any transfer if you decide to transfer to another club after commiting to Citrus Fusion.


Any dispute with the club must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing, including the date of incident or injury, doctor notes including type and length of disability, and the duration of club participation. All disputes that include complete documentation as previously stated will be considered.


Non-payment, Invalid Credit Card & Returned Checks

If a player’s tuition account is in arrears, she will not be eligible to play in tournaments until the account is brought up to date. In the event that a credit card payment fails to process, an additional $30.00 fee will be added to the bill and if the payment is NOT made in full within 10 days, your daughter will be ineligible to practice/play until the payment is settled with the Citrus Fusion Treasurer. Returned checks will be charged a $50.00 reprocessing fee. Once again, if that is not paid in full within 10 days of returned check notice, your daughter will be ineligible to play until the full payment is settled with the Citrus Fusion Treasurer.


All payments should be sent to:

Citrus Fusion Volleyball

P.O. Box 45

Lecanto, FL 34460


Questions can be directed to: or call 352.428.0228

Frequently Asked Questions About Volleyball Clubs & Tryouts


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