Citrus Fusion Volleyball Club, Inc., exists to:


*Provide opportunities for educating and improving the volleyball abilities of girls or boys of all ages, seeking to promote the principles of teamwork, individual responsibility and good sportsmanship by participation in competitive volleyball activities.  


*One of the primary goals of Citrus Fusion Volleyball Club, Inc. is to teach to and develop the individual skill level of every player creating opportunity for an advanced team environment with a high level of competitive play, ultimately providing opportunity for our athletes to gain collegiate scholarships and upper level recruitment opportunities.

2020/2021 Coaching Staff :

Kelly Abramowich

Alicia Algor

Alice Christian

Curtis Cleary

Morgan Cleary

Wanda Grey

Paul Grey

Cora Haggerty

Vickie Humphrey

Edwin Lopez

April Reamann

Maddie Seidenstucker

Kaylan Simms

Jeffery Wood

Tanya Wood